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You can instantly see the six-level rating (nine levels with subdivided rating) indicating whether your business partner is close to
bankruptcy or far from it, and the credit limit for each of them.

Feature 1We provide an index to make it easy for you to determine if you should start business
with a company or not.

To facilitate your decisions to start a business with a company, we provide the RM Rating, RM Credit Limit indicating how much credit you can provide, and the target
rate of return and other indicators necessary for making credit decisions. In addition to basic information, such as their business performance and suppliers and
customers, we show you their past company inform ation in chronological order to provide the abundant information necessary for a company analysis, navigating
you precisely for decision-making in your credit management.

  • Key points
  • You can search for your business partner from a database of approximately 5.0 million companies which is one of the largest in Japan.
  • We provide you instantly with the indicators necessary for your credit decisions. You can take immediate action according to the risk.
  • Not only their latest company information, we support your analysis with abundant information on them,
    such as the history of information in the latest 5 fiscal years, identification of business partners and group
    companies, and publicly known financial information.

Feature 2We provide a lot of data you can use in your company analysis.

RiskMonster has accumulated a lot of information since we started our service and has been conducting analyses one after another. With e-Credit Navigator, you can see not only the latest company information but also the history of various company information up to the last 5 financial years, and the search results on the companies
around them from the database of about 5.0 million companies. We provide you with the information you need to predict the future of the companies.


1,000-1,600 yen per case.

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