RiskMonster totally supports your credit
decisions with highly accurate analysis.

We provide the member companies with indicators
and information to make it easier for you to make credit decisions.
We also support improving your credit management system
by creating regulations and manuals.

Reasons Why People Choose RiskMonster

Feature 1

Provision of clear and easy-to-understand credit information

We have the know-how on examinations developed in a trading company.
Our analysts convert the latest credit research information provided by research companies into data that is easy
for anyone to understand.

Feature 2

Reducing the costs and labor by supporting your credit management operations

Like the decision to start or not to start business, or how much credit you can offer, we provide you with the indicators
necessary for credit decisions. In addition, we provide you with a wealth of information necessary for company analysis
to support your credit management operations.
If you do not assign dedicated personnel for credit management, you can still establish an internal management system based on clear criteria. By leaving the matter to us, you can reduce the cost and labor required for credit research and
improve work efficiency.

Feature 3

Provision of highly accurate corporate ratings

More than 6,000 corporate members use our accurate corporate ratings in which more than 90% of bankrupted
companies were those being lower rated.
With our index specialized for corporate bankruptcy, we collect, analyze, and reflect multifaceted information every day. The index backed by the bankruptcy record improves the accuracy of your credit management operation.

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